Happy 4th Cheetahversary

It’s 8:37 pm

Tomorrow marks the 4th year since Paladin allowed me to be his human. Its been a interesting adventure to say the least. While the carpet has been destroyed on the stairs which has driven me (Roy) batty,Paladin has also had to put up with me.
We have been through some fun things…like reviewing movies,having different well known people send him hugs and pats on the tummy. While he hasn’t been on TV yet or made the liner notes to a music CD like Derek Jeter has,he has absorbed his fair share of tears during some of the saddest days.
He likes to sleep on my hip and under the blanket during winter time. Countless times I have woken up to the full weight of a cheetah on my legs and thanked heaven my bladder can handle the wait time til he moves off of me.
He keeps the house safe at all hours of the day and night. When I hear that growl from upstairs,by the time I get down,whatever or whoever has decided to bail. He is very friendly when the UPS driver drops off packages,this is new as we have just started a new relationship with a studio who happens to think its rather cool that cheetah likes to watch movies. And yes,Paladin does enjoy watching TV,more then any other animal I have ever seen personally. But his favorite thing is waking me up in early morning looking for treats.

He will talk until I get up and grab the Temptations bag and shake out a few and put them on the window ledge.
I am very grateful to the many people like Deborah,Theresa,Cheryl,Sue and Susan plus great companies like Chewy and KitNipBox who gifted Paladin with treats and gifts.
We have been blessed as Paladin has been pretty healthy other then a couple of colds and a eye that gets a little weepy,a few drops and he is right as rain….the single most worst day was when Paladin actually got outside. Luckily no neighbors were out and kids were in school. After some Wild Kingdom type of action,I manage to get him back inside. He was a little grumpy but after some gazelle,he was chill.
He loves to have the bathroom sink filled with water and this summer he took to sleeping under the cabinet. He also surprised me by sleeping on the furnace in the basement,I had to stop that because we can ill afford a broken/dented furnace this winter. I now know what they mean when they say “Death from Above”.
Paladin is now 6 years old and I am really thankful that he allowed me to share a life with.

Thank for reading.


10 thoughts on “Happy 4th Cheetahversary

  1. You are a lucky man, to have been chosen as a temptation bag opener by Paladin the Cheetah! There is nothing better in a humans life than a caring pet to sooth their hurt souls. My Mr. D will be with my for 17 years this November!

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    1. When “winter” is mentioned in SE Michigan,people boo it….me,I love it! I love how Paladin will come under the blanket and sleep on my hip….his purring is so loud then,he is really very happy…and it makes my life a just a little more tolerable. He pretty much has told me “Only Temptations as my snack,please”.


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