8 Questions with horror fan Lady Valarie

Its 11:12 amsummer     Good afternoon!!!! For today’s post I decided to share a brand new “8 Questions with…..“that I did this week.   In this interview,I chatted one of the nicest people I have met on YouTube in the past year in Valarie Janowski aka Lady Valarie. She is also known as “The Spicy […]

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8 Questions with actor Josh Han

Its 1:43 pm cold and sunny I recently passed the 100th episode of doing “8 Questions with….” on my YouTube channel. Naturally I am so far behind in moving those shows from YouTube to here. My wiring is so beyond confusion sometimes and I do miss me as I used to be….. But this entry […]

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The House That Dripped Blood

Its 12:02 pm I am slowly starting to really hate this house.  I guess I have felt that way for a while now. Since we moved into our house in 2006,I have lost my entire family. I have watched Derek Jeter and Paladin kill several mice and what appeared to be a hawk (that was […]

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A Paladin the Cheetah story

Its 3:37 am dark/warm/windy Most people use or have a alarm clock to help them get up in the morning. I have one as well but I never have to use it. You see,Paladin,my cheetah,is my alarm clock. Every morning for the past couple of years the cheetah has woken me with his meows. Often […]

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