8 Questions with actor Josh Han

Its 1:43 pm
cold and sunny

I recently passed the 100th episode of doing “8 Questions with….” on my YouTube channel. Naturally I am so far behind in moving those shows from YouTube to here.
My wiring is so beyond confusion sometimes and I do miss me as I used to be…..
But this entry is all about my friend Josh Han,we have chatted on here on the blog and I have reviewed some of his of work and interviewed Josh here on the blog.
When I decided to switch 8 Questions to YouTube,I had a small list of some folks I wanted to chat with face to face and Josh was one of them. So I reached out and asked him and he agreed to come on up and this is our chat.
When I first started the series,I would go up 30 minutes to welcome the chat and just talk in general….after a while I realized that 30 minutes was too long and cut it back to 15 minutes which works really well.
I am hoping to catch up with Josh this summer and see how he is doing,he mentions waiting for a transplant in our chat,he did get one and is recovering and rebuilding his strength. It will be cool to catch up with Josh and see where he is now. Maybe we’ll get a John Lee update as well!!
But in the meantime,I hope you enjoy this interview with Josh.

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