Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #14

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We’re back once celebrating The Tell Tale Mind’s Issue by Issue look at the famed team up book,Marvel’s Two-In-One. The book is now into its second year and things are heating up for The Thing.
The format and guest stars are a hit for comic lovers and also for Marvel. In today’s Marvel,The Thing is trying to become an important character again as he was during his heyday in the 70s and 80s. Back when Two-In-One was starting out,Ben Grimm was a character just as popular as Spider Man and maybe a tad more popular then The Incredible Hulk.
What I really thought was unique back when I collected comics was the fact both Marvel and DC featured demonic and occult powered superheroes. I can recall the uproar from several different church group who held rallies and burned thousands of comic books (and KISS records as well) because they couldn’t handle the fact that the Son Of Satan,Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider all fought on the side of the angels.
Like in this issue when Daimon Hellstrom lends a helping hand to Ben Grimm in stopping a minion of an old enemy of the Son of Satan.
Supernatural heroes were quite popular as many youths collected them as a symbol of protest against the heavy handed and falseness of many churches in this era. As pointed out in the excellent review,when there was a supernatural threat,it always ramped up the stakes a little more then usual.
This is a such a superb series and I am always so happy to see when the crew at the Tell Tale Mind post another review! I’ll be back with my thoughts on Issue #15.

The Telltale Mind

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Herb Trimpe
Inker – John Tartaglione
Colours – Janice Cohen
Letters – Karen Mantlo

Bill Mantlo takes the reins to craft a fun tale involving Ben Grimm and Daimon Hellstrom, better known as the Thing and the Son of Satan. While most team-ups that Ben finds himself in are a lot of fun, it is those with a supernatural element that tend to stand out just a little more due to the fact that the man seems so out of place when confronted with things a bit out of his wheelhouse. Here, like many of his adventures so far, he encounters the man who will be guest-starring in the book purely by chance, both men investigating a strange phenomenon in the small town of Lawless, Arizona. For Ben, he is there thanks to Reed and one of his machines that picked up a strange…

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