Have Cheetah,Will View #446 – “Ad Meliora” (2019)

Its 11:11 am


We got a email from filmmaker Rebekah Burrows asking if we would like to see her short film “Ad Meliora”. Of course we would because we love this type of film making with a passion.
For the very first time in watching this 9 minute gem,I was rendered speechless when it came to offering my opinion,not that I didn’t have one,but was I even qualified as a male to offer it. This is a film whose message needs to be LISTENED too as well as watched. Listen,listen,LISTEN to what is being said here.
So with that in mind,I’m going to say that you need to watch “Ad Meliora” and then share it with anyone and everyone you know,its that powerful.

Needless to say but “Ad Meliora” which translates to “Better Things” is one of the best shorts to come across our screen and I am honored that Rebekah shared it with us to review.  This is our second review of a film that Rebekah has filmed. Not only did she write and direct “Ad Meliora”,she also filmed it as well as the short film “Vera“.

The cheetah and I give this film 2 thumbs,4 paws straight up.

Comments are always welcome.

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #446 – “Ad Meliora” (2019)

  1. Wow, so many different stories and situations. Very powerful. I guess the Woke movement is women “fighting back” although unfortunately sometimes I think that movement goes too far in the other direction. Hopefully it’ll even out later. Happily, I suffered from none of those situations save one: my mom let me drink beer while I was still underage (at home only). She later told me she was hoping to build up my tolerance so it would make it harder for a guy to get me drunk when I started dating.

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    1. I agree with you. However, when approached by a boy in an inappropriate manner, a knee to the groin always worked for me. When I finally went to clubs, I always had gingerale cuz looked like a drink, but non-alcoholic. Girls/women should be prepared to not be a victim at any age. Learned it watching Westerns on TV when they were clean and family orientated.

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