Have Cheetah,Will View #480 – “Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet” (2020)

Its 5:33 pm

  I was prepping to do another review when I checked my email and saw I had gotten a note from filmmaker Madison Phillips who sent me her film company Wet Denim’s first short movie. As you know,we love first time directors and film projects and we love a good short film as well.
   So I clicked on the link and watched “Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet” and was totally blown away,Madison and her crew have hit a home run for a first film. 
   Being that the film is only four minutes long,I can’t really talk about the plot but if you’re here reading this,you can click on the film and watch it as well,right??

 I really liked both the unexpected twist and complete terror on both parties in this,writer-director Travis White plays it straight and neutral. While it appears one person is completely off the rails,we see the reality that maybe what we’re watching isn’t so black and white. 
  What really adds punch to this film is even as the credits are rolling,off camera the story is still being played out and the sounds are haunting as hell.

Kudos to both Lee Eddy who plays The Woman and Lukas King who plays Devon. Both were excellent and very convincing in their roles. 
  The lighting was spot on by DP Ryan Kuehl,who sadly passed away after the making of this film. Its a shame because he had some serious talent.
  For Wet Denim,this is a great debut and I can’t wait to see what is coming next.

The language on “Camera” is salty so be aware of that.

The cheetah and I gave “Camera” a thumbs/paw straight up. 




2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #480 – “Why Haven’t They Fixed The Cameras Yet” (2020)

  1. Ha. Nice. Reminds me of a short story I read once but I can’t relate it here ’cause of the spoilers for the clip. But yeah, nicely done.


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