8 Questions with………..Combat veteran/public speaker Cornelius Maxwell

Its 5:48 pm sunny Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with……” When I got approached about conducting an interview with Cornelius Maxwell,I leaped at the chance. While most of my interviews have been in the entertainment sector,my mission statement if you will,has to always talk to anyone I find interesting and I find that […]

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Sock Drive 2019 Update #1

Its 3:22 pm sunny Good afternoon…..and welcome to the tail end of Polar Vortex 2019 from SE Michigan. This past week has been beyond brutal as many of you have both experienced first hand and or have read about. For us,we had two snow storms that dumped around 7 inches of snow combined and then […]

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Saying Goodbye to my Father.

Its 3:12 pm sunny So my Pops has passed away. I got the call at 7:43 pm from Solano County Sheriff’s Department yesterday evening. His body was discovered by his friend when he went to check on him. Every Monday afternoon,my dad would meet his friends,a married couple he had been friends with for years,at […]

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