Medical Update,fallout of doing the right thing and why cat sitting is fun…(Originally posted on 22 Jan 13)

It’s 12:08 pm on 22 Jan 17.

Decided to go back and re-post a earlier entry from 4 years ago.


Its 5: 27 pm

Its the coldest day of the year so far….zero degrees and a wind chill of -15. Pretty much says it all…its damn cold and we aren’t expecting a warm up until next week.

After a promising start to the 5th chemo,it has taken a fast nose dive. Lori is pretty weak and can’t keep anything down this week. We are scheduled for a hydration therapy this Thursday but that can’t come fast enough. Despite sleeping for the past 2 days she still has little or no energy and she came home early yesterday because she was feeling so crappy.
Really just trying to grind this through but I have to be honest,its really rugged now…seeing her in so much discomfort and so scared is a heavy load to handle…just have to keep putting one step in front of the other,one day at a time.
We still managed to get out and go a couple of places,to the local Macy’s to exchange a pair of slippers I received on Christmas,return a towel we bought that was just too thin for our tastes and use a 10.00 coupon that Macy’s sent us.
I was trying to get Lori to use the coupon on a new ice scream scoop she has been looking for a while now…But it turned out she ended up getting me another sweater I really don’t need except it was on such a good sale that even I had to admit it was too good to pass up.
The clerk at Macy’s was a real saint,she took care of our towel return as well despite that her department was Men’s. Normally they want you to return to the department you made your purchases at but with Lori not feeling her best,she went ahead and did the return herself.
Next we ventured to Randazzo’s where we picked up a fresh fruits and veggies plus a couple of pantry items. We decided some homemade soup was just what the doctor ordered so that is what we did. Randazzo’s was packed,we have never seen the place so busy and we have shopping there for over 4 years now.
We even had to wait in a line that was 8 to 10 people deep which was actually sorta cool. Most of the cashiers are very fast and so we were through before you knew it.
I unloaded the veggies and pointed the car towards the grocery store where they had a nice sale going on. Picked up a few items and then Lori’s energy meter hit empty and we went home.

Once there I got Lori on the couch,warm and comfortable while I unloaded the car and put away the stuff we had gathered. I opened the box of the new heater that her dad has thoughtfully bought us,we had returned the small heater we had tried from one place that didn’t really work very well and went ahead and bought a Eden Pure heater.
Talk about a nice heater! This is what we needed for the cold nights in our family room. Once on,this heater can really get a room quite cozy very quickly.Between this heater and the Mary Tyler Moore DVDs that my brother got her for Christmas,it really has help keep her morale up. That is such a key this for a cancer patient,as a caretaker,you have to keep your chin up at all times when you’re around a loved one who is sick…if you show any weakness,discouragement or gloom,you can really affect the mood of the patient in a negative way.

Thank you so much for the kind comments from the last post,Renee,your words meant so much to me. I hope that your daughter wakes up one day and realizes just how lucky she is to have you as a momma. To stand behind her while she battles her drug addiction and mental health issues takes a lot of courage as well. I only pray that you don’t let this consume your life,there is a limit on how far you should go before you put yourself in danger. Keep your chin up,both you and your husband!
So the first step of Obama’s healthcare reform hit today.
My job told me today that after next week,no part-time worker will be allowed to work more then 25 hours a week.We won’t be allowed to trade for a full shift with a full-time employee. Now mind you,my company prides itself on taking care of its employees. It prides itself on its “core values” and the fact that if we can drive sales,we get a share of the profits twice a year. It values loyalty and honesty.
But all that was swept away today,they have completely stabbed us in the back and using healthcare reform as the knife. Its complete bullshit what companies are doing,instead of blaming the President of trying to bring affordable healthcare to the American people that the drug,insurance and medical industries refused to do,the companies should practice the free market system themselves….to shop around and see who have the best and most affordable coverage for their employees. Image if a company of 200,000 workers suddenly told Blue Cross or Humana that they were pulling out because their fees were too high and they were taking their business elsewhere,just how fast they would they react to offer the same price? Or if an insurance company told a hospital system that they were no longer covering any patients going there because they think a CT test that cost 12,000 is a obscene amount of money,that the hospital would think twice about its pricing?
The facts are this,no one is going to willingly stop making money no matter the moral cost,as long as its legal,what doctor,drug maker,insurance company is going to lower costs?
Yes,I am impacted by this reform but I’m not blaming Obama….the pure greed of the healthcare system is beyond appalling and it needs to be checked. For companies not willing to admit that and punish their own employees …we just took our step towards being a Wal-Mart nation which encourages its workers through low wages,no benefits and hostile work environments to make the social safety net stretch even more.
Its going to turn this nation into the land of the part-time worker…

I got to cat sit again last Saturday as our neighbor had a birthday and a funeral to go to. So her cat Crash and I got to chill for a while. We had got him a new food bowl for Christmas as his as was too small and he was scooping the catfood on the floor. Seems that the new bowl is a hit with nary a piece of cat food on the floor…we checked out the new basement layout Marlene had laid out for her son and while I emptied the litter box,Crash meowed and attacked his scratch pad with gusto.
While I feel I should pay her for letting me cat sit,she disagrees and tonight she dropped off two Slurpees despite the fact its zero degrees out here!! Talk about a good neighbor!

Caught Scorpion’s newest blog and this time he was asking his readers for their Bucket Lists of 2013,as in which celebrity will kick the bucket in 2013. The landslide winner was Lindsay Lohan (I also added the NHL and Lady Gaga’s career but those were disqualified…prompting me to attack Ural from India)
George Bush the First was also a popular choice being he has been so ill as of late….but Satan might be pushing for a delay while he still building that special wing for Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. I think George might eek it out til 2014….

Alright,that is all I have for now….

Kerri- thanks!!!!!!
Scorpion – I maybe should have listed the Red Wings on my list
Adrian C- Holy crow! If the Niners win,will you get a Super Bowl Ring??
Jill- thanks for the posting tip….hope it works!
Cliff- Thanks for starting the new group….and I already see you had to put in conduct rules. Not so easy is it? *LOL*


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