Have Cheetah,Will View #34 – Our favorite YouTube Movie Review Channels

It’s 10:15 am

Looking outside at a sunny day outside. Last Thursday was 66 degrees and Friday saw it hit 70 with a afternoon full of thunderstorms. The weather seemed to be trending upwards and so I turned off the furnace.
Then yesterday came and it plunged to 25 degrees (colder with the chill factor) and snow showers. I needed to fill the Rodger Young so I had to venture out into the cold. Filled him and up and went to local Goodwill to see if they had new media.
Ever since I have started to watch a lot of movies,I have discovered a subculture of movie collectors on YouTube. They post videos of what new titles they find,the genres they collect and of course,the thrill of the hunt….I enjoy watching a few of these guys as they post their content. Some come across as very shy,others as cocky and some are very earnest. I subscribe to a few of these and I thought I would post their channels and share some thoughts on why I enjoy watching them.


Bobby Lepire – Terribly Fun Films


Met Bobby through a Facebook movie group and discovered he loves cheesy movies just as much as I do. His Terribly Fun Film reviews are done from the heart because even B (and D) deserve a little love as well.
His channel also has two other sub-titles as well, Seeking Asylum which covers releases from The Asylum and Nerd Show and Tell which covers various topics.
Bobby just recently released his newest series,ranking every superhero movie ever made.
He pulls no punches on his takes and this series is a bit profane…which I do believe will become less so once he starts getting into the better hero movies.  I am posting his first video but this is NSFW or kids.


Next up: V the Media Maniac


This is a relatively new channel as V only has four subscribers (more after some of you read this,riiiiight?) but I really like his style.
V will post videos highlighting what new releases in both film and movies. His two children are his “crew” as they go in search of new titles. They often will drop a small review as well. V reviews family fare that he and his kids watch.
He is running a contest now in which someone has a chance to win a new digital release but you have to subscribe in order to win.  The cheetah and I are entered and we think you should join us and good luck!! Details are in the video below.

19 May 20 – V’s channel is inactive.


Next up: Reject Filmz


One of my favorite channels is the one run by Dan. He is a huge horror fan and likes to hunt for good movies in the genre. (Why he likes Rob Zombie’s movies still confuses us).
Dan does great pick up videos and he also will take his son out with him which makes the videos a lot of fun.
What I like about Dan’s channel is despite being a horror fan,he enjoys a lot of different style of films as well which he talks about. He just has started contributing as well to a podcast for horror. He also does giveaways on his channel and the cheetah and I won a very cool documentary which I reviewed and will be transferring here soon.
As a matter of fact Reject Filmz is doing yet another giveaway in celebration of hitting the 300 subscriber mark. I’m posting that below,new subscribers won’t be able to take part of this one but there is a NEW giveaway planned for when Dan hits 500!!!  And yes,the cheetah and I are entered in this one as well….

Next up: Cinema Sickness

David is a rabid media collector from Pennsylvania who hunts and posts every day.
His video collection is massive and is often the topic of “How much is too much” as he basically buys movies and media every day. He has a online store that he sells movies on but the amount of media he buys divides his followers. I admit,whenever I watch his videos,I always imagine what would happen is Suze Orman ever walked into his basement.
But that is neither here or there.  What I like about David is he truly HUNTS for cheap videos. He hits any store where there could be a bargain where as a lot of collectors merely order online at full price or drive to Target/BestBuy/Walmart every Tuesday to pick up new releases. That isn’t fun nor is it cheap!!! David shows the viewer the most unlikely places to shop for DVDs and also what is the best price point.
But be warned,this channel is strictly for the hardcore collector who collects Plan 9 From Outer Space on BluRay,DVD,Laserdisc,VHS,bootleg,special edition…..you get the picture.
He often hunts with a few of friends as they are also strong bargain hunters as well.
I am sharing a video of a recent hunt at a Goodwill where everything was 50% off.

Will you ever see the cheetah and me doing this? Probably not me…..Paladin is much more of a star then I am. But I did find it fun putting this blog together and hope you guys will go subscribe to their channels….

New “8 Questions With…..” interviews are coming extremely soon including interviews with director Sean Cain (Jurassic City) and fast rising British actress Amy Kinder (Emergency: LA).

As I am finishing this entry up….I like to say how sorry I heard that actor Bill Paxton has died today during surgery. Being a huge character actor fan myself,I enjoyed watching Bill in everything he did. Movies like Twister,Weird Science,Aliens,Predators and my personal favorite,Frailty (which he also directed) were so much better because Bill was in them.
He recently did a great turn on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and was in the new Training Day series. He was a great talent and by the outpouring of several people who knew him well,a even better person.
Below is the trailer to “Frailty”



Thanks for reading and leave a comment below!!!

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