Paladin needs YOUR help!!! (and other stuff)

It’s 11:55 pm



I decided to do a little media hunting at the local library this week,I hadn’t been in about three weeks and so last Thursday I went. I know they get new stock in on Wednesdays so I was hopeful there would be some good stuff on the shelves. Sometimes its hit and miss,good titles but terribly scratched. There was a nice 4 part trains across America set that I had looked at the last time I was here but it was scratched so bad….ugh.
I looked the regular DVD shelf and instantly one title caught my eye,”The Longest Day” with John Wayne and a huge host of other stars of the day. I picked that one plus a cool Korean history movie. The clerk said the new titles were on the other side and I slide over and was happy I did.
Someone must have been a foreign film collector because there a lot of great Chinese,French and German movies there. I knew some of the movies but many others were blind buys,meaning I had no idea what I was getting but for a dollar,it was a bargain,right?

Sadly for the first time since I had been shopping at the library,I experienced something that I wasn’t expecting.
I watch another collector on YouTube who also hunts for bargains like I do,except he has made it into a business as well as a crazy hobby. He was the one who told everyone to check the discs before buying,to look for scratches. I have noticed that some films I have gotten from Family Video are a bit banged up but since they clean and buff every movie for you,often times there is no problems but once in a while…..eeek.
So now I look at every title,especially at thrift stores where they just slap a price sticker on and put it out. Theft is a huge problem at my Goodwill,my buddy Rome and I will stop by to do a little hunting,see a good movie,go to the disc and the disc is gone. Or in a boxed set,a disc will be missing hence the reason why the former owner “donated” it. Because the workers don’t check,they’ll slap that 7.99 price on a incomplete set.
When you bring it to the manager’s attention,they just shrug and say “What do you want me to do about it”? We have such a charming staff at the Canton Goodwill…
But the library bookstore is different,its small but wonderfully laid out. The staff are all retired seniors and very friendly. They do their best in answering any questions you have,I believe the library staff are the ones who clear the discs for sale and honestly,they could do a slightly better job.
So here I am going through these great titles and I open a Tartan Asian Extreme release and the case is EMPTY! Wow,I was really surprised at that,never had that happen to me while shopping,I take the case to the clerk and go back. Pretty soon,I found four empty cases,all Tartan Asian Extreme  and Well Go USA titles. I bring the cases up front and give them to the clerk. I said “You might want to make a note that with titles like these,that you keep the discs behind the counter”. The clerk was upset because they were selling the movies for a dollar apiece.  What made me upset is that the thieves were not children or teens. I have been in that store maybe 50 times since we lived here and I can only remember seeing kids/teens in there maybe 4-5 times. Its so remarkable that is the reason why I remember it so clearly.
The customers I see are always around my age give or take a few years either side.
Even sadder is the fact the clerk says this happens more then people know,they lose CDs that way as well…..ain’t that a bitch? Stealing from a damn library store!! Goodwill I expect,but not this.


Ever since Paladin won his goodies from Chewy,I have seen people on Twitter post about how they are Chewy influencers,that is they get free goodies for their cat or dog to try and they write about the product. It’s a great idea and I thought well,if they think having a dog or a cat make good influencers,then having a cheetah would make for a GREAT idea,right? Pretty simple… many pet websites could make that boast!!? So I sent Chewy a note offering Paladin’s services as a cheetah influencer and they turned us down,said they would “contact us”. Personally I am thinking they need a little help in seeing just how many fans Paladin has and just who he knows. So for this special blog,I am asking you all to leave a comment below telling Chewy why you think Paladin would be a great cheetah influencer for the company!!



So anyway,some of you may seen and even read my friend Anthony’s short story ““Rosemary Smiled”. Thanks to everyone,it got over 150 views in just three days!!
Well thanks to this great story,I have three more guest writers soon to be dropping new cool entries here,one is by a known contributor,Susan Smiley,another is by a fantastic poet and raconteur,Brad Beneke and novelist Nicolette Elzie is dropping by to show us a world she is creating. Anthony will be back in September once his crazy schedule permits him to breath a bit.
Oh…..and Slade Wilson is coming,more on that coming soon!!!


Got several new interviews upcoming too….the wonderful Alyshia Ochse will dropping by to chat about her new podcast and her acting career, actress Vasoula Christodoulou will be talking about her homeland and her love of dancing and we’ll meet the hard working Steve Delgado chasing that “big break”.

Like to welcome back back my fellow blogger and fangirl Sydney back into the writing circle,she had been away for a while but she is back and ready to go.
Lastly,I like to give a extra thanks to Pat M. who has led me yet again over the Pond and into a very fierce and dedicated blogging support group. Some very lovely writers to be had in there and I’ll share a few of those blogs and their owners in a upcoming entry.

Well that will do it for now…..put PLEASE drop a comment below in support of the cheetah,it would mean so much to me.

Shout outs

Canton Public Library – Thank you for having such a cool little bookstore!
Theresa and Zanne – I’m still dizzy!!
Cheryl M – Hoping the foot heals quickly!!
Anthony – Again,thank you!! It was worth the wait…
Phillip – the best brother anyone could hope to have
Romey – Get 1 Sept off…..we are going to Dom’s Doughnuts!
Susan S. We need to do Dave Alvin in October
Chewy – Look at all the love the  cheetah has gotten!
Eric and Billy Jack – You two should teach a class on how to defeat cyberbullies.
Byron and Bobby – Where are the Sharknado 5 reviews??
David (CS) – You should have kept that “gem” from your library
Alex Drummond – I wish you the very best,please don’t delete your blog.
Christopher G- Thanks for the help this week,it will help tremendously.
Dan Dolzall- The word for this week: Swan!!!!
Stephanie – Jade was blessed to have had you as a friend.

23 thoughts on “Paladin needs YOUR help!!! (and other stuff)

  1. Well obviously chewy is not aware that Paladin has a lot of feline trained can openers as fans. Me included! Very silly mistake! Many of those fans would be owners of not just one feline friend but also have canines and fish ( like me) and as animal lovers do they would also feed wild life birds in winter (like me) so that means chewy will be loosing out on a lot of business, I guess? Very, very dumb mistake….. Paladin is such a lovely and typical member of the feline species and also very photogenic ( love the “if it sits – it fits” box pic of your wee friend!) so, how an earth could they turn him down??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No cooler cat to represent Chewy than Paladin the cheetah! He has quite the following. He knows “good taste” and liked too share 🙂 He’s definitely the cat’s meow. Whoop whoop Cheetah!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Being an influencer is highly competitive and Paladin needs a publicist and possibly a virtual assistant to get a large following…lol. Still, you never know when the time comes right. I’ve taken note of a few films via your recommendation. I look forward to adding to my winter watching list once you post new reviews. All the best, Jacqueline

    Liked by 1 person

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