Have Cheetah,Will View #151 – “The Herculoids” (1967)

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After the cheetah and I watched and reviewed “ “Space Ghost and Dino Boy”“,I knew we had to keep going and review the other classic Hanna-Barbera superhero shows as well.
After all,one just can’t ignore the other mighty heroes of yesteryear and not only that but the cheetah wanted to check out the mighty creatures of The Herculoids that we caught a glimpse of in “Space Ghost”.


Thanks to our streetwise informant at Warner Brother Archives,we got a chance to watch The Herculoids: The Complete Series and “oooohed” and “awwwwwed” throughout the show. We think you will enjoy our look at this fun show….



A human family,Zandor the father,Tara the mother and son Dorno live on the planet Amzot which is inhabited by many different alien cultures and races.  The family have several creatures who are like family members and who help keep Amzot safe from various raiders,mad scientists and other raiders.


The Herculoids are Zok the Space Dragon (who could be related to Curse of Dragon in its appearance) who can discharge laser energy from his eyes and tail. Zok can also fly through space to different planets and no,don’t ask us how. Even the cheetah was “pffft” at that part.
Then you have Igoo the rock ape,tremendously strong and is the team’s brute force member.
Next is Tundro a hybrid rhino/triceratops who can hurl some sort of explosive organic energy rock through his horn. He has ten legs in which he can raise himself up to about 20-30 feet above the ground.

Last but not least are the “fearless,formless wonders” Gleep and Gloop who are protoplasmic by nature. They assume various forms and shapes. Gloop is the larger of the two. In various stories,Zandor assigns one of the two to “guard Tara” and they surround her with a blanket or shapeshift to that there are various copies who are indeed guarding Tara.
The episodes consist on two adventures per 30 minute show and shows the Herculoids teaming up to help each other or sometimes another race. There were 18 episodes consisting of 36 standalone adventures. The Herculoids were created and drawn by the same man who created “Space Ghost”,Alex Toth.  While the Herculoids had many interesting elements,its sort of disappointing to see the plots not advancing in the slightest over the Space Ghost plots.

There were never any return villains for the Herculoids to face but about half of the ones they did square off with ended up dead by the end of the episode.
The show also not showcase any origins or backstories for either Zandor and his family or any of the Herculoids themselves. You do get a sense that Gloop and Gleep are parent and child but it isn’t ever shown.
The voice actors for the show featured two Hanna-Barbera regulars, Don Missick who voiced Gloop and Gleep and Mike Road,who voiced Zandor,Zok,Igoo and Tundro. I would pay good money to see Mike Road do his voices for the show.
Teddy Eccles voiced Dorno,Zandor and Tara’s 12 year old son. Eccles had a fine career as a actor before becoming an producer.


(artwork by David C. Matthews)

The voice of Tara belonged to Virginia Gregg,a long standing member of Jack Webb’s acting troupe. While the voices were fine,the scripts could have better,even in Space Ghost,some of the writing was a lot of fun while the Herculoids pushed the creatures speaking their own language,having Igoo speak English I think would have added a bit more depth into the show.

Two names that popped up were sound editors Joe Ruby and Ken Spears who worked for Hanna-Barbera for years before forming their own animation production company “Ruby-Spears” which existed from 1977 to 1996. Ruby and Spears are best known for creating one of the most iconic American cartoon series ever in “Scooby Do,Where Are You?”.
Overall I enjoyed watching The Herculoids again,while simple in story and animation,its a blast from the past that any comic book or fanboy needs to take a peek at.  The cheetah and I gave The Herculoids a thumbs/paw straight up.
You can buy the 2 disc set of the complete series by going to the Warner Brothers Archives website.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up,either in today’s world or back a few years?
Share your favorite by dropping a comment below!!

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