Katie and the .308 shell.

It’s 1:32 am

Last Tuesday I made my weekly run to the library. As usual,I was a bit early so I stood in the magazine section while I waited for other regulars  Most of the time I look at Reader’s Digest or a plane magazine. Something quick to read because 3:00 comes quickly and I don’t want to be caught in the middle of a great article when the door opens.
But this month’s National Geographic caught my eye,it showed a young person who looking to get a new face. I took it down and saw the picture of Katie Stubblefield,I knew she had been shot but that was all I knew.

I stood there and started to read the story and looking at her pictures….she was 18 when despondent over her boyfriend talking to another girl,she locked herself in her older brother’s bathroom,stuck a high powered .308 hunting rifle under her chin and literally shot her face off.
The pictures of what a .308 shell can do is incredible,to even know that Katie is alive after shooting herself is a modern medical miracle. But to get a new face…the Nat Geo story follows Katie as she has waited for 3 years to become the 40th and youngest face transplant in the United States. This was the Cleveland Clinic’s 3rd such operation and it took over 30 HOURS to finish.

I decided to share the link to the Stubblefield’s story because its an amazing one as you’ll meet both Katie but her donor,Adrea,who in death,also lives with and in Katie.
The article branches out and talks about the various aspects about face transplants,including how the Pentagon ended up paying for a lot of Katie’s treatment which will run into the millions. It’s a long read but a most important story that needs to be read and shared.
You’ll be asked to provide a email addy in order to read any story on National Geographic’s website,the story is free to read. The issue in which this story is featured is on sale and I hope to pick up a copy soon.

Read the story by clicking here.

If you or anyone you may know are thinking about suicide,I highly recommend an overdose as the method instead of shooting one’s self.

I know I’ll get some heat for posting that but then again,do I care? I understand that for some,suicide is an viable option and as someone who lives and thinks about it everyday,I don’t pass any judgement one way or another.

The other option is to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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10 thoughts on “Katie and the .308 shell.

  1. I would disagree that suicide is an option. If someone is depressed and feels that they can’t cope with their life anymore that’s because they don’t have the support of their loved ones. There are always options that alone, a person might not see them. Never ever we should consider suicide as an option!


  2. I’ve read about this lady before. It’s tremendously sad that suicide is considered by some. I have worked with people with mental health issues. Talking really can help the majority. of people who are depressed. If anyone ever feels like there is no option, please contact the Samaritans who can offer a listening ear.


    1. I have no mental issues and many folks who consider or commit suicide also have no issues. In fact,they are quite healthy in that regard. Many choose to end their pain and suffering and should allowed to without being labeled as depressed. Suicide isn’t for anyone nor should anyone under 30 consider it unless they have a chronic or advanced illness.


  3. Such a miracle that she survived that! I recently read an article about her and her transplant. I’ll head over and check out the article that you linked now.

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    1. It’s an amazing story….and very American in the fact that 3 of the 4 transplants were the result of guns. Yet we continue to deny the sheer violence and pain brought to us by them.


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