Have Cheetah,Will View #282 – “A Beautiful Planet” (2016)

Its 10:40 pm

When I told the cheetah it was time to watch another film from our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment,he jumped down from his bed and dashed to the couch. I have to admit,I couldn’t blame him because they sent not one but TWO of our favorite kind of documentaries,ones filmed for IMAX theaters.
We have reviewed quite a few of these that I have been lucky enough to find in my local library and to find out that Mill Creek is also carrying them is amazing news. Of the two,we decided to start with “A Beautiful Planet” which is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence.

This is a wild wild to say the least,filmed completely at the International Space Station,director Toni Meyers and cinematographer James Neihouse had to train several NASA astronauts on how to use the incredibly expensive and complicated IMAX cameras on the ground.
The effort was so worth it as the ISS crew took turns catching some awesome shots while Jennifer explains what we’re looking at. If anyone is still denial over climate change,then you are far beyond help because the pictures don’t lie in regards of the terrible damage we’re doing to our planet.

Credit goes to both Meyers and NASA for not pulling any punches in showing what is happening.
The film,while only 44 minutes long,also shows a space walk and what life is like aboard the space station as a crew from Italy,Russia and the United States are there for eight grueling months before going home.
This is a real treat and if you haven’t any IMAX documentaries in your film collection,then “A Beautiful Planet” is a great way to start.


The cheetah and I give “A Beautiful Planet” a hug because it really needs it.

You can buy this IMAX film from the Mill Creek Entertainment website.

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