Have Cheetah,Will View #283 – “Journey to the South Pacific” (2018)

Its 5:09 pm

Well after dropping yesterday’s IMAX documentary review of “A Beautiful Planet”,the cheetah and I decided to stay in the zone and review the 2nd IMAX release that our friend “H” sent us from Mill Creek Entertainment.
It wasn’t long ago that we reviewed our first MacGillivray Freeman IMAX film called “Coral Sea Adventure” that I found at the library,its an somber look at where our oceans are headed if we don’t start to care for them. That movie was released 15 years ago and I sort of looked at “South Pacific” as an indirect sequel on how far we have come since then.

For “South Pacific” the filmmakers have headed for the West Papua to explore one of most rich areas of marine life on the planet.  Instead of presenting a straight forward documentary,the film follows a 13 year old boy as he takes a two month journey on the Kalabia,a floating school on a fishing boat that was captured from poachers and turned into a interactive classroom.

The young boy,Jawi,has already learned respect for the reefs and fish from his father but this trip will show him why his father taught him. The Kalabia travels to different islands where narrator Cate Blanchett talks about conservation while showing huge manta rays,leatherback turtles and whale sharks and how they and other fish have to be saved.

Its a beautiful film and an important one as well. The music featured in this IMAX release is perhaps the best we have heard so far. If you are a film collector,I recommend shopping your local library for copies of these and other great documentaries. You can find a lot of hidden treasures there.

The run time is 40 minutes and special feature 5 webisodes of the filming of the movie.
The cheetah and I both gave this a huge two thumbs/4 paws straight up.


You can learn more about the Kalabia by clicking here.

You can also buy a copy of “Journey to the South Pacific” by going to the  Mill Creek Entertainment website.

4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #283 – “Journey to the South Pacific” (2018)

    1. One really hopes so as well. Its quite shocking to see just how few fish you see in these types of documentaries now. The evidence is right in front of us what over fishing has done to our oceans.


  1. You posted this, ironically, as news headlines just reiterated what bad shape the oceans are in. I guess it’s not really fishing that’s bad, per se, but obviously it became bad, or out of control, once we reached the billions and had so many more mouths to feed. Well, *they* used to say, “Be fruitful and multiply.” I guess THAT happened. And then some.

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