Have Cheetah,Will View #270 – “Coral Sea Adventure” (2003)

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While my recent library runs have been quite good movie and TV wise,it has been a bit of a dry spell documentary wise,while I have been looking and have seen a few on the shelf,most of them haven’t been in good condition. But a couple of weeks ago,I got lucky and got in a bit early before anyone else and managed to find another IMAX documentary,as regular readers know,the cheetah and I love these releases very much.
It has been a while since we reviewed one of these so let’s get into this…..

Narrated by Liam Neeson,”Coral Reef Adventures” takes a look at the state of coral,the planet’s largest animal,in the South Pacific. It highlights the different species that call the coral reefs home and discusses on how overfishing and global warming is affecting the health. Now this film was released 15 years ago and the fears and dangers that were stated then have come home to roost now,the coral reefs today are in dire straits due to the warming of the oceans plus several Asian countries who are still overfishing the affected areas. The film covers two areas,Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

You can see the affects even where the coral reef is still healthy,there just doesn’t seem to be as many fish as expected,some species have come back. (at least when this was released).
But watching a lone octopus trying to find food in a dead area was pretty sad. It isn’t just the global warming and overfished areas damaging this eco-system,in Fiji,they found that land clearing was pushing silt into the rivers which then covers up the reefs,sunlight can’t reach them and the algae that the coral feeds on,dies off and the coral reef starves to death.

As beautiful as this movie is and the IMAX cameras really make “Coral Reef Adventures” pop with vibrant colors and hues,its a hard one to watch knowing today the damage has only increased.
Still,we recommend watching this and more importantly,sharing it with your kids or grandchildren so they can see what they are facing and hopefully one day reverse the destruction our generation has brought.


“Coral Reef Adventure” was filmed by the premier IMAX film company, MacGillivray Freeman Films. MFF has been making incredible IMAX films for over 30 years. This is the first film that I have found from this company but it won’t be the last!
They put a LOT of love into every film,Greg MacGillivray says it takes about 4 years to make each film….4 years for a single 40-50 minute epic adventure.
As with every IMAX film,we loved it and we give “Coral Reef Adventures” a huge two thumbs/4 paws straight up.

This film has a run time of 43 minutes and features music from Crosby,Stills and Nash.
Special features include a 30 minute video that you can loop for continuous play,a look back at the history of MMF Films and a fun 10 question quiz for the kids.

What was the last documentary that you have watched? Drop it down below in the comment box so the cheetah and I can add it to our watch list!.


6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #270 – “Coral Sea Adventure” (2003)

  1. It almost feels like we can’t turn the clock back, too. It feels like some things are too far gone. And even so, on the brink of no return, we keep doing the same thing over and over and over.
    Thanks for the share.

    Most recently watched in documentaries was The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. I may have never known or forgot (repressed?) the fact that Nixon, through his machinations, kept the war going when he could have helped to end/could have ended it. That was a sad, enraging eye-opener.

    We saw Going Clear a few years ago about Scientology. Scary! Tom Cruise really should get the hell out of there. They’re apparently extremely disrespectful to him behind his back. So God knows what they’re like with *ordinary folk.*

    One of our favorites from years and years ago: Koyaanisqatsi. It shows us, in gradually escalating images, exactly WHY (symbolically) the coral reefs are dying and why, pretty much, we’re everywhere else we are, at this point, in the world: at a virtual, if not approaching, dead end.

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed our change of pace and that you enjoy a good documentary as much as I do.
      I do know of Ken Burns and his work but yet I have never seen any of his series from start to finish…I really want to find his Civil War series quite a bit.
      I heard about how crazy Scientology is,if they didn’t have mega rich celebrities as members I do believe it would have died out long ago…

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