Have Cheetah,Will View #462 – “The Whispering Man” (2019)

Its 8:24 pm

The cheetah and I had barely survived our encounter with Wild Eye Releasing‘s latest bad shark movie “Ouija Shark” when we decided to try “Amityville Island”. We were going to review it but the cheetah pointed out that saying “Amityville Island” made “Ouija Shark” look like “Jaws 4” in comparsion might not be the best thing to say.
He suggested that we watch “The Whispering Man” instead and so that is what we did.

“The Whispering Man” starts off with us meeting a YouTuber who lives in Hungary named Mark who has a channel called “Chasing Fear” in which he covers the paranormal and the unexplained. It should be noted that “The Whispering Man” is a found footage film and we see the film through Mark’s POV.

Mark (David Fecske) is a upbeat young man and he is excited to share that he is getting a painting called “The Whispering Man” from his grandmother who has recently died. He explains the painting supposedly dark history which may have led to his grandfather’s premature death and his father vanishing without a trace in the UK.
Mark’s older brother Tommy (Andras Korcmaros) doesn’t think much of Mark’s channel or the story about the painting and says as much to Mark as the brothers drive to clean up their grandmother’s rather messy house.

Mark finds “The Whispering Man” in the attic and is very excited to bring it home and share it with his followers. He goes more into depth about the legend of the painting,about the owners having nightmares and hearing strange voices and sounds.
While at first Mark finds it entertaining,soon he too,starts hearing noises and having those bad dreams. He sets up more cameras around his house to see if he can spot anything.

His girlfriend Dora,Tommy,his sister Anna and his best friend Abel,a self-styled occult expert, all try to help Mark. But when he dreams that he is burned alive at an asylum,Mark ventures out to an abandoned asylum near his home. After a long night of being in the asylum,Mark returns home vastly different and very dangerous. Something has happened to him and what he has discovered has shaken Mark to the core.
As his friends and family try to find a way to break The Whispering Man’s hold on Mark but does Mark really want to be free?

Wild Eye

I know “found footage” films aren’t everyone’s cuppa tea but not here,”The Whispering Man” is a terrific slow burn and as with most found footage films,it comes with a dark ending. I completely enjoyed this taunt and fast paced film from director Jozsef Gallai (who directed “Moth”,also available on Wild Eye).
“The Whispering Man” was made on a small budget but Gallai has taken his reported 7,000.00 budget and put every penny on the screen.
His actors are very good,he makes great use of his two main sets,the house where Mark and Tommy live and the abandoned asylum. It is at the asylum that the single best moment happens…..as Mark is exploring the hallways with his camera,he turns a corner and catches a BIG ASS SPIDER on the ceiling and its wicked fast!! I wasn’t surprised to see this scene way short as I’m sure Fecske was quite startled to see this big spider right above his head!!  Even the cheetah took noticed on how damn big it was and said “Oh hell no!!!”
“The Whispering Man” runs for a fast paced 74 minutes and while its unrated,I would give it a “R” rating for its theme and violence.
There are no special features included. You can buy “The Whispering Man” by going to the website of Wild Eye Releasing.

The cheetah and I gave “The Whispering Man” a thumbs/paw up.

Which found footage film is your favorite? Drop a comment below!!

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