Have Cheetah ,Will View #525 – “Curse Of The Scarecrow”(2018)

Its 8:24 am
Library Day!!

The cheetah and I are up early today,we are getting ready for Library Day. The Rodger Young is in drydock but a friend is graciously picking me up today. We’re listening to our friend Jami Heart who is a fellow YouTuber as she is sharing the Twin Peaks fan movie she was asked to appear in. I am listening to it like a radio show as I type this out.
   A VERY long time ago I had considered doing a series here called Dollar Tree Theater,I had the name but I never did the series. Dollar Tree does several film sales a year now and its a great place to blind buy some movies one has never heard of,many are low budget horror films or indie films. But with each sale,the selection has gotten rather better with hit films as well as TV series have started to pop up. 
  Where as early sales were all DVDs,there has been more and more BluRays and even 4Ks popping up. This makes for some fun movie hunting,of course now with Dollar Tree raising prices a quarter,one has to be just a wee bit more selective. 
  But I have a “few” i.e. a lot Dollar Tree films in my watch pile. When our buddy Hobbs Horror suggested doing Dollar Tree Theater on our YouTube Channels,I thought we throw in our hat but with a small twist on our part,not only would I view Dollar Tree movies but also films I get from the library and Salvation Army….the only requirement is that film has to have been bought for under 1.25 or given as a gift. 
  With that said,we jumped into Dollar Tree Theater with “Curse of the Scarecrow”,a indie horror film from Great Britain.  As I write this,I have down 18 Dollar Tree Theater film reviews,some are Dollar Tree low budget horror films but some are big blockbusters (at the time of their release) that I have found at Salvation Army and the library…..so I decided to start posting my video reviews here for you to check out and have some fun with. 
  So here our first episode of Dollar Tree Theater – “Curse Of the Scarecrow”!!

This won’t be the only High Octane film that we will be looking at here at Dollar Tree Theater but you’ll have to come back for to see what else we reviewed from them. 
  I hope you’ll enjoy this video and will come back for another episode of Dollar Tree Theater!!! 

3 thoughts on “Have Cheetah ,Will View #525 – “Curse Of The Scarecrow”(2018)

    1. Hi Pam!! Yeah,Paladin and I have been wading through a few stinkers but also through a lot of fun films as well including a show where we talk about IFC Films!! I will be sharing a playlist so you can see how much fun we have been having!! Hope you are well!!

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