Slam Words

It’s 12:25 am

Last night I was on chilling on Twitter and watching the tweets on my wall. I saw my friend Susan aka Black Canary drop a short poem with the hashtag SlamWord. Seems like there is a person who does impromptu challenges to various poets and they create instant and magical poetry.
Susan is quite excellent at this as she has a real gift for writing rich deep poems.
I am not a not poet by nature,I used to do a few pieces in another life but I rarely write them. I have a few on the blog and you can see what I wrote. But last night I felt inspired and I joined in. One thing I noticed,there are some GREAT writers and poets out there!!
It felt pretty good to have to think quickly and to put down what was on the heart.
The following pieces were the ones I came up with yesterday. Some are for Lori,some for the cheetah,one is for my fellow companion is the broken heart department,Radha and I even had a little fun and dropped a fanboy piece.
I was quite surprised by all the nice comments that I got,pretty good for a guy walking in a circle with fog wrapped around his head.  Thank you Susan for letting me do this.



A new year but the same hollow shell
that is my heart.
My dreams have vanished,never more to
ring in that hope,desire and love that burns for you still.
New Year is a just reminder of what was once a passionate life full of promise,grace and two hearts
There is no new year.

The definition of entertainment
what does that mean too… myself
17 pounds 47 mph
joy,companionship,friendship small balls
warm hips and the mighty guard position.
endless love


Our last time together
eyes locked on one another
the last breath
feels like an angel’s wings on my heart
heaven rejoices
now waiting for that angel
hurry,hurry,let me fly


Our eyes go the sky
saluting a brave hero
in a circle he goes
fire surrounds him
saving us all


Light glitters from all angles
bright beautiful colors sparkle
the sky and night both
who knew a broken soul could radiate such a thing


Snickers and dinosaurs
sweeten and stomp
ice cold and on a plateau


Pour catnip
Orange and white flash
Purrs knockdown waves


*All poems are the property of Patrick Michael. Please don’t copy or steal my words.
Be better then that,create you own!!
7 Jan18

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