Have Cheetah,Will View #150 – “The Wedding Date” (2005)

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Well here we are at review number 150! It has been such a fun ride so far,hasn’t it?
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Now you may be looking at our choice for review 150 and be shaking your head. A major studio rom-com from 2005? No IFC,Dark Skies or A24 title? No undiscovered indie gem? Not even a Hallmark movie? Nope,we are reviewing “The Wedding Date” and read on to discover why………

The movie opens with Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) being invited to her sister Amy’s wedding. Kat’s ex-fiance Jeremy is going to be the best man at the wedding. Kat,while still not recovering from the break-up,doesn’t want to go single and leave the impression that she is still trying to recover from the break-up.
With no prospects,Kat decides to hire a male escort and decides on Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney) as her “wedding date”. Nick,having received Kat’s messages (all seven of them) agrees to be her escort. The two will meet on the airport for the first time.
Kat packs enough luggage for a month and as she is checking in,we learn she works for Virgin Airways and even has she is trying to leave,her co-workers ask her to handle a couple of customer issues.  She agrees but in doing so misses meeting Nick before boarding.

On the plane,she has a drink to settle her nerves and telling the male flight attendant that she is meeting the man in row 3B for the first time. Kat,whose back is turned,doesn’t see Nick take his seat but the flight attendant gives his approval. Nick and Kat finally meet and while the meeting is a bit awkward at first,they both settle in for the long flight.
When the plane starts to land,Kat wakes up and sees that while Nick has refreshed himself,she herself looks terrible and is embarrassed.

The two start bickering a bit as they head towards Amy’s fiance parent’s house,Kat is worried about they look,she doesn’t want to appear too cutesy. She has the taxi pull over to a pub so she can try on different outfits. Finally settling one a smashing red dress,they arrive at the house where Kat takes Nick into the coat room and pays him 6,000 for his services. He comments he’ll cover expenses but if Kat wants sex,they’ll have to discuss it.
Kat is repulsed by that idea and with this settled they meet to Kat’s family as well as the groom’s family. Amy and Kat’s mom Bunny (Holland Taylor) tries to give a speech but only ends up embarrassing Kat even more until Jeremy saves her with a little flash on a piano.

Kat then introduces Amy (Amy Adams) to Nick. Amy is self-centered and is used to getting her way and Kat is resigned to being left in the shadow of her sister. Kat and Nick then meet the groom,Ed (Jack Davenport) who seems like a very nice guy who is concerned he doesn’t know how to dance,Kat and Nick arrange to take a lesson with Ed and Amy.
Kat then runs into Jeremy and he gives her a hug and Kat is remembering how good it felt when her brash English cousin TJ (Sarah Parish) comes up,blows up Jeremy and grabs Kat to “save you from yourself”.

Thus begins a huge whirlwind of activity and fun. Things get a little dicey as Kat gets drunk on Amy’s bachelorette party,withdrawals money from a ATM and proceeds to sleep with Nick in her dad’s boat. Both Kat and Nick seem to be drawing much closer then either one expected to and there is a real attraction there.
But the wedding get closer,a series of events and an explosive secret threaten not only Kat and Nick’s budding romance but also the wedding as well.
Just how much can a sister’s love go when faced with some ugly truths and can a man who has made a living pretending to be someone’s lover realize that he has the real thing in the palm of his hand and take a chance on love??

This is your normal “romantic-comedy”…boy meets girl,sparks fly but of course they bicker. They come together,then break up,someone says “If you love her/him,go get them”,they get back together and live happily ever after. There is always a quirky friend or relative to provide comic relief and often an “old flame” that pops up as well to cause friction between the main couple. Yeah,”The Wedding Date” covers all those bases and connects all the dots. So why take a look back at this fluffy little “rom-com”?
Because I listened to the commentary by lead actress Debra Messing and I got to you,it’s one of the best and most insightful commentaries I have heard.
Quite simply,”The Wedding Date” could have been VERY good if the story that Debra said was going to filmed had actually happen. Listening to her deconstruct certain key scenes and point out how it should have played out was telling. “The Wedding Date” really should have been a drama with slight comic touches instead of pandering to old tired cliches I mentioned above.
Because as it stands,”The Wedding Date” not only insults the audience but also the fine cast that was wasted,instead of some serious moral questions being handled by adults with the expected fallout,we get everything is gonna be okay and swept under the rug.
That might work with a teen drama but for an actresses like Messing and Adams as well as Davenport and Mulroney,wow,what a wasted opportunity to really do some real soul searching material.
So if you’re looking for a bit of silly fluff,”The Wedding Date” is perfect. If you’re looking for a lesson on how to miss making a good film,watch it with the commentary.

The cheetah and I gave “The Wedding Date” the movie a thumbs up/paws down.
But we gave the commentary version two thumbs/four paws straight up.

“The Wedding Date” is rated PG-13 and a run time of 90 minutes. You can score a copy on Amazon or most big store chains like Walmart and Target.

Ever watched a film that should have and could have been great? Well drop a comment below and share it with all of us!!


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