Guest blogger Rhiannon Brunner – “The Love of a Cat”

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I enjoyed the guest post by Austrian blogger Rhiannon Brunner so much that I asked her if she would like to share again. Like myself,Rhiannon is a cat person and so she is sharing about her two cats,Maze and Carry. The picture shared here is Carry when he was kitten.
    It’s been 2.5 years since I got my Carry. It was a cool November day and my fiancé and I wished us a new cat. My cat at that time had gone his last way a few days before. His place should not remain empty for too long.
We found Carry as a little baby with two friends who had farm cats. The first time Carry smelled like a cowshed, which I found wonderful.
   Maze has been with us since December 2018. Just like Carry, she’s very delightful and talks to her a lot. At that time our second cat went his last way and we didn’t want to leave this place empty for too long.
   So I contacted everyone around me and only reaped silence. But there was a dear old friend of mine whose brother owns a horse farm in Hungary and who just had young kittens. The only female among them was raven-black and dearly loved.
Already the next day he brought her to his brother in Vienna and we could pick her up from his workplace. 
In both cases, we wanted a cat because we had an empty place. A beloved pet is irreplaceable, but a newcomer is able to give his own charm and heart, thus alleviating the loss pain of the former pet.
    It is a wonderful feeling to give a being a good home. But it should always be considered why and whether one is able to give the animal enough attention and love.
Those who have never lived with an animal may find it difficult to experience or know the affection and feeling of solidarity. A pet is a family member and wants to be noticed.  It is wonderful to adopt a young kitten and to see her grow up, to feel the love in her eyes and heart. Many say that animals have no mind and no heart, no soul and no feeling. Look into an animal’s eyes, look at the heart it has in its eyes and you will think differently about it.
   As a cat roommate I may not understand as much about dogs or other pets, but when I look at Carry or Maze and remember other cats, I know they are as sensitive and in need of love as a human being. They cannot express themselves with words, but their love can be felt.  Like cats, other pets give love, affection, and trust.
  It doesn’t matter what we believe in or what religion we live in. We are all souls who are connected and whose hearts can give each other affection. So does it matter whether this affection and love come from a human being or an animal?
I have shared my two stories about my two cats, Derek Jeter and the cheetah,Paladin which you can read by clicking on their names.

I like to thank Rhiannon once again for brightening up my blog with a great entry. You can catch her first spot here.

Feel free to share a comment below. Or if you like to share a pet story,contact me through the blog.

4 thoughts on “Guest blogger Rhiannon Brunner – “The Love of a Cat”

  1. Really heartfelt. I agree completely.
    I’ve even seen chickens running up to people and spreading their wings to give someone a “bird hug”, if you will. We ARE all connected, and love may be expressed differently, but is universal, isn’t it?

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