Have Cheetah,Will View #376 – “Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny” (2010)

Its  1:30 am

So this week saw once again our Dollar Trees having a DVD/BluRay sale. And for the second time my buddy Scuba Steve let me come down early for the first crack at ‘What’s in the Box”? before the sale officially started. It was a pretty strong selection this time round and one of the titles I picked up was this stand-up concert film of Kevin Hart.
Now here is the thing….I have seen a few of Kevin Hart’s movies but have never seen him in his stand-up mode and I was curious to see what he was like.

“Seriously Funny” is the second concert film that Hart did and I was very impressed. While I knew he was going to be profane,I was wondering if he was going to be gross and crass like far too “comedians”try to be in order to shock their audience.
So while yes,Hart does cut loose on the language,he was surprisingly gentle during his set. He was stage for 67 minutes and talked mostly about his family life. Every member of his family was lightly roasted with his take on his grandfather driving Kevin just leaving me in tears.

What I also liked was Kevin,while poking him at his family,also poked a lot of fun at himself,his mannerisms and of course,his height. The best comics are the ones who aren’t afriad to poke fun at themselves. Kevin’s delivery on this night is low-key and smooth….it reminded me a bit of the late Bernie Mac,he was funny without shouting to make his points.

Being that this concert was filmed in Cleveland,Ohio…of course Hart pokes a little at LeBron James but saves the biggest laughs to rib big Shaqille O’Neal. When Hart demostrates how Shaq falls while playing basketball,it got the second biggest laugh but glory doesn’t come without cost as Kevin dings his knee and points out he is older and he gets hurt eaiser.
All in all,I really enjoyed watching this and its easy to see why Kevin Hart has achieved his stardom.

“Seriously Funny” is a hard “R” for language and has a run time of 67 minutes.
Special features include two skits backstage with Kevin and his crew.

The cheetah and I give this film two thumbs/paws straight up.

Which comedian is your favorite? Drop a comment below and share….

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #376 – “Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny” (2010)

  1. That’s a nice review. I think Kevin Hart has great timing and presence, so it makes me forgive him when he’s sort of engaging in cliched behavior whose time has come and passed, I think. Not that Mr. Hart knows I’m alive, much less forgiving him, but…. you know. Now I REALLY wanna see the part where he’s imitating Shaq. What does Shaq do, really over-act or something when he falls? Lol !!

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    1. Oh my stars,Kevin has Shaq down pat…..because he is 7’1 and 300 pounds when he played,no one was going make Shaq fall unless he wanted to…..but because Shaq was a terrible free throw shooter,a lot of teams hacked at him. Shaq was crying laughing at Kevin teasing him.


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