Have Cheetah,Will Read #7 – Patrick Scott Barnes “Nightclub Womenz” (2020)

  For this review,the cheetah and I (with a little help from Sam) did a video review of Patrick Scott Barnes’s new book of poetry and pictures. “Nightclub Womenz” is Barnes’s second DIY published book and once again he is showing off his great talent in his poetry.
  His first book “Three Orlando Hotspots” was a fine debut for Patrick but his poetry rises to the next level with “Womenz”as he shows he isn’t afraid to reveal his heart and soul,its the book’s greatest strength. 
   One concern about combining both of Patrick’s artistic talents of writing and taking photos of beautiful women,will the pictures distrct the reader from the powerful words on the pages? I can honestly say this – no,the pictures add a nice flavor but the poems are the real beauty here as one rarely sees some vivid openess in today’s poetry where too often writers tend to play it a bit to safe with their pens. 

I hope you will watch our video review as well….we like to see you drop by and give it a listen and discover why Patrick Scott Barnes is one of the finest modern poets you’ll read in today’s world. 

To purchase a copy of “Nightclub Womenz”,you can pick it on Amazon by clicking here.

To read Patrick’s blog,please click here

You can follow Patrick on his Instagram by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will Read #7 – Patrick Scott Barnes “Nightclub Womenz” (2020)

  1. I wouldn’t think a book with that cover would have incredible poetry inside. So I broke a staple rule already–don’t judge a book by its cover. Looked him up. Very interesting guy for sure.

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    1. Patrick has such a gifted pen……and I’m so happy he is revamping his blog to show just how mighty that pen is……I am sure he has volumes of poetry to share from both his past and his future….

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