21 Movies that I think everyone should see/Own

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This video was originally posted on my YouTube channel on 21 Jan 21. The text is brand new.

Back at the start of 2021,we were tagged to share a list of 21 films that we felt everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime. Now while it would easy to bring up IMDb and list all the usual suspects you expect to see on such a list like this,there was a catch.
The catch was you had list to list films you actually owned and have in your collection. Because everyone’s tastes are so varied,the 21 movies that people pick are all over the map in terms of genres,quality,classics and movies that have been just released. The subjectiveness of the lists make for interesting reading or watchi ng.  This was also much harder then it appears to be because as the title says,its not your favorite films you are picking but essential films that you found important and meaningful. So while I may like “Jason X” and really enjoy watching it,I could not in good faith recommend it as a film I think anyone needs to see.
Now I was/am hampered by the fact that my collection is still all in bins and so while I am pretty happy with my picks,there is a nagging feeling I left so many worthy choices off this list. Of course with only 21 slots,I think that was bound to happen regardless,right?
For this video,I was joined by Paladin who chipped in with his opinion as well. What? You didn’t know cheetahs have opinions about films? Then you must be new here and we bid you welcome!!!
I think this is a topic I like to revisit sometime again once I get my act together.
But I would like to invite anyone who reads this to perhaps do your own list and then leave a link in the comments and share it with us. I daresay there were would be terrific lists!!! But for now……this is my list. Enjoy!!!

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