New Direction and other good stuff.

It’s 6:34 pm

Looking outside as a perfect spring day slowly fades into the West. Got my Spotify open and listening to movie scores as I dive into blog. I have been sitting on this for a while and now I going to let you know what has been going on.


I quit my job after 5 years. I am burned out from there. Between work and taking care of Lori for her illness,I had pretty much no time off to just sit and relax and unplug my brain and heart. I really have started to feel so much better and I can feel my battery recharging once again. I know I violated the one basic rule and that was leaving before I had another job but then again,I needed and wanted the break enough to not worry about it at this time.
Monday I will begin the hunt anew and I will be in a much better place mentally. I am grateful to just about everyone at my job for their love and support. Some of you I love like family and some of you are just cancers in your own lives,doing nothing but poisoning others with your negative and toxic personas. Those people I shall not miss.
My teams at Pro and Receiving are who I will miss the most. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and made sure I was okay. I am again humbly touched by your gestures and support.

The benefits have already started to pay off,my body has started to heal up…my foot feels wonderful and all the bumps and bruises are fading away.
The cheetah was perplexed the first few days when he saw I wasn’t leaving him as I have done ever since he has been here,he was pretty overjoyed to sleep on my chest while I enjoyed a cup of iced coffee and put a throw blanket over him. He would sleep for up to two hours. At night,he has taken to sleeping on my hip and putting his paws on my head. The purring is loud at first and then it starts to lower and lower. Then it stops and about 5 minutes later he is gently snoring. I have fallen asleep many times to his purring and I never feel him leave.

But I know he sleeping at my feet when I wake up because I can feel his weight on the bed,cheetahs are not light.
I have used my decompressing time to post a lot more here,restarting the blog and recovering my readers has been a tough chore. I have posted some old posts here from FB,Blogger and my other WP page. I decided to transfer the posts that brought the traffic here so new readers can see them as well.
I got to watch my first WWE wrestling event in years when my buddy Romey invited me over to his place to watch the Elimination Chamber. What a blast! Good food,cold Wild Cherry Pepsi and a lot of “Holy shit!!!!” moments. While the Chamber was pretty bad ass,it was more fun to comment on JBL’s 10 gallon hat and see if anyone was going to smash it during a match. I haven’t laughed so hard since I can’t remember,hell maybe since the LAST time I saw a WWE event.

Already got my invite for “Wrestlemania” in about six weeks and am looking forward to it!
I was surfing around on YouTube one night when I stumbled across a awesome set of channels called “Vet Ranch” and the companion channels “Off the Ranch” and “Out On the Ranch w/Dr. Lee”.
New to me perhaps but not to America as Vet Ranch has over a million subscribers are following husband and wife veterinarians Matt and Karri who are based in Texas. While they have a normal private practice,what makes them so special are the various animals they either rescue themselves or are brought in via strangers or rescue/foster groups.
As someone who has a cheetah,I know how expensive it can be to treat a pet but an abandoned injured animal?? Who can afford that? Well for all those stray,abandoned and abused animals,America does…well at least at the Vet Ranch. People from all over donate money and Dr. Matt or Dr. Karri will film a animal that needs urgent care.

Throughout the video,you’ll meet the case,see what the problem is….you’ll get to see the surgery,how the animal afterwards and even aftercare updates.
The love these two have along with their staff is so neat. The staff will open and read letters from people who have donated money specifically to help those animals.
“Off the Ranch” is channel that shows Matt and Karri’s private life. Nothing too crazy of course and often times you’ll see a patient who needs some extra care hanging out at the house.
Matt is a Texas boy through and through as he is a gun nut. I know,I can already hear some of you shocked that I would follow a pro-gun guy. I must admit,it does perplex me…a man of healing who loves weapons of death. The fact that some of his patients are gun victims,you wonder if the irony just flies by his head….I don’t know and I don’t care in this case. The good this couple does overwhelms anything else in my opinion. I love watching these guys fix and save animals.

The last channel is “Out on the Ranch w/Dr. Lee” and it shouldn’t come to surprise you that Dr. Lee is Matt’s dad who owned Vet Ranch until recently when he sold it to Matt and Karri.
Dr. Lee still practices and his videos are grounded in life and death a little more. Not every patient makes it as Dr. Lee will explain why. I was pretty surprised to learn that cancer is the leading cause of death on dogs and cats. The channel also shows Dr. Lee in his downtime and going about his ranch which seems to have an crazy amount of deer activity…
So here on the 20th of February…this is what I decided to do for Sockvember this year.
I am going to try and raise 3,000 pairs of children socks to deliver to the U of Michigan Children’s Hospital. This is in keeping with the fact I want to help places and people that meant so much to Lori and myself.

It’s why ever year I have delivered socks to two different churches. And despite a LATE start,I am going to launch Sockvember early because its going to take a miracle to gather that many socks strictly grass roots style. I have no YouTube channel…..but I do have a large network of friends and fellow bloggers who might help me spread the word.
We actually have a few socks already,around 30 or so but 3,000???? I am open to suggestions on how to promote this sock drive….
Before I wrap this up,I really want to say “Thank You” to Heidi and my fellow bloggers in my Crazy 4 Blogger group. Your support and comments have really boosted my spirits and I wanted to take this time to say how grateful I am for all of you.


I have several brand new 8 Questions With…..interviews coming up. Director Sean Cain and four up and coming British actresses,Amy Kinder,Safron Beck,Eirini Mo and Cheryl Bullock are on tap as well.
Plus a new unique twist on “Have Cheetah,Will Review” will two guest writers talking about a different kind of movie.
Well that is it for me this time around,time to start looking for the last job I plan on having.

Shout Outs

Romey- Thanks for hunting with me this weekend!

Monte – Call me back,sir

Ryan – glad your big hoss of a truck is back home and running!!

Kerri- It was nice reconnecting,just wish it had been in a different situation.

Bobby – Thanks for agreeing to my idea!

Fangoria – Rest In Peace

Hannah – I like you.

11 thoughts on “New Direction and other good stuff.

  1. I love that you’re always looking for ways to give back to others in need! Have you checked out Kickstarter or GoFundMe? I raised nearly 800 dollars for my classroom that way. Though it won’t be in the form of socks, it’s something to give back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would guess that your wifes death really brought home to you that life is for living. I also something happens to us when we reach a certain age and realize we can’t just coast through you know.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We have an acquaintance whose brother just passed away over the weekend unexpectedly. He and his wife had lost a son to drowning several years ago, and clearly she is now devastated. This spurred my husband and I to have some of those difficult conversations that everyone hates having, but really should have. I’m so sorry for your loss. I imagine that although it gets a bit easier over time, it never really completely heals. Blessings to you as you serve others, give back, and honor the memory of your loved wife.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No,it never really ever gets better. Every day is a sad reminder of what has happened. When you wake up and see a empty bed,it just brings it home how hollow each day is. Just happy I have a cheetah to entertain me.


  4. I would consider starting a GOFundMe for Sockvember. People who might not be prone to shop for and ship socks might be prone to donate money with which you could purchase socks. I’m doing a GoFundMe this whole year for Friends of Hoover for folks who are not able to attend any of the fundraisers.

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  5. Wow! Such a great amd intense post! I assume your wife’s death was really hard to deal with and move on. You so brave fir quitting a job before having something else and doing what makes you feel happy something we all should do

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Remind me when I have six free seconds to get the word out on your fundraiser. It’s easy and cheap for people in my area to contribute to. Kudos on dumping the job that wasn’t bringing you happiness, god knows you’ve been through enough not to have happiness!

    Liked by 1 person

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